In this paragraph we would like to inform you about the current status of our prototype development and of our market intelligence studies, to explain which are the main problems we are facing, which need to be solved within the next few months.


Technology R&D

For SUREST International technology development is an on-going business, which requires continuous attention. Currently, we are trying to optimize the heat storage tank, by testing different fillings of the tank. We have investigated the thermal energy storage performance of various solids, liquids and phase change materials. Aim is to find a balance (or trade-off) between a large heat storage capacity on the one hand and a slim and lightweight tank design on the other hand.


Market assessment

At the moment we are validating the main assumptions behind The SUREST business model, by interviewing a large number of potential customers, to make sure that we understand their “pain” and that we are able to provide a solution which actually adresses and solves this pain. This validation process is sponsored and coached by the Climate KIC programme.