We are alarmed by the fact that each year 4 million women and children die prematurely due to cooking on open wood fires. This is 7 persons per minute! At the moment there are very few sustainable alternatives available for them. That is why we feel the urge and the necessity to bring our cooking solution on the market as soon as possible.

If you want to help us to  reduce this high mortality rate among women and children, than you are cordially invited to join us and to participate in our fundraising campaign, for instance by a donation or via crowdfunding. As soon as we have collected € 15,000,- we will fund a demonstration project with 5 SUREST Sunlight Cookers in a refugee camp. And if we manage to raise more money, than we can organise several demonstration projects simultaneously.

















When the women in the refugee camp have seen with their own eyes how well it works, how much cleaner cooking with sunlight is and how much time they can save with not having to collect firewood anymore (and how much safer they will feel for their own security and that of their daughters!), than our Sunlight Cooker will sell itself! Seeing is becoming convinced …


With your donation we can test our innovative cooking solution in a number of demonstration projects and with the experiences gained we will modify and improve our cooker.  In order to bring  “Sunlight cooking ”  to a point at which we commercially can enter the market  with a superior product, your support is urgently needed. Please do not forget that even small contributions make a difference…. In case you have any further questions about donating to Sunlight cooking, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Action plan 2015

The greatest challenge in the year 2015 is to set up a number of practical demonstration projects in selected refugee camps. After the  SUREST Sunlight Cooker has proven itself under practical working conditions and when the customer is satisfied with the results, then our product is ready for a massive “roll-out” to other organisatiosn and to many more countries, in which we can establish an assemblage and distribution center, together with the local government and business community.


Support and cooperation

We are always looking for enthusiastic people to expand our team and professional netwerk, who want to support us in whatever way the can.  Investors are kindly invited to take a critical look at our business model  and to participate actively in our projects. Together we can make a world of difference! The technology for clean cooking is now available, but can always be  further optimized, for which we will need an R&D budget.

Also we would like to explore the possibilities to establish partnerships and joint ventures with companies and organisatiosn to enhance the market introduction of the SUREST Sunlight Cooker in as many countries as possible. If you can bring us into contact with interested foreign companies or with Dutch companies which are already involved in international business ventures, please let us know!