The SUREST team


Theo Eeuwes (MSc) – founder,  technology development, R&D, IP protection

Theo EeuwesWith a lot of creativity and enthusiasm, Theo works on inventions, especially in the area of sustainability. Often his work is done in cooperation with knowledge institute’s, such as the HAN, University of Twente and KEMA. His inventions are to be practical, affordable and as simple as possible.

Theo is owner of Spring IP BV, the purpose of which is to make Intellectual Property available for the market. This limited liability company will serve as the holding company for a series of innovative SUREST products, the first of which is a sunlight cooker. Theo is also the owner of IDeeuwes: a company which develops inventions mainly in the field of sustainability and energy.

Email:; cell: +31 6 537 276 43



Leen Kuiper (PhD) – cofounder, international business development & marketing

Leen KuiperLeen has a lot of experience as a senior project manager with international business development of renewable energy projects. He is able to translate market developments into new business opportunities; and opportunities into project realization. Thus he is very capable to make business propositions which can open-up new markets. Furthermore, Leen has lived 3 years in the sunny northern region of Cameroon and has travelled extensively to other African countries, so he knows the area and the target group well from his own direct experiences.


Email:; cell: +31 6 392 679 41 linkedin: Leen Kuiper 



Wahida Wardak (BSc) – business support and liaison/backoffice for local enterpreneurs

WahidaSupports SUREST International with Sales, Marketing and Resource Development. She develops a market assessment (business plan), targeting the market segment of entrepreneurs in developing countries with the focus on the Indian market at the moment. Wahida is also the contact person to the market segment of local entrepreneurs and will provide back office support with, sales, marketing and resource development.